Tuesday, April 28, 2009

thunder jumping

up in the tree fort

It's coming along. Thunder is enjoying his time in his fort...climbing and jumping over and over. Last night we finished painting the structure and included chalkboard paint on some of the interior walls.
My hope is to have climbing beans or peas around the garden stakes in a few months time...
Ocean is also loving the tree fort, as there is a small ladder to get into it that she has mastered.
Last friday when there were about 5 children here- Ocean could be heard loudly saying--ME ME ME ME which turned quickly to mom  me mom me....I saw her standing at the platform end of fort- pleased as punch with herself...LOOK AT ME I DID IT!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

After working on the tree fort a little more last night, Thunder suggested I should have titled this blog- I wish I was a Planet Hero. Mark's thought - Wish I was in Paris.
Neighbour Sandy stopped by to say she loved the tree fort- That the hieght was great as we can still reach in and grab them if needed. Also noted the towel rack- that I caught Thunder hanging off of earlier in the day.
I think we found the greenish can of paint and it is still sunny this  morning so that could be the task for this afternoon.
Hope to add photos soon. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21 2009

Thunder has a huge desire for a tree fort these days. Thanks in part to Dylans great one up the road, a song on old second hand cassette tape " up in the tree fort oh oh oh me and me and seymore up in the tree fort" as well as his book reading selection of recent- magic tree house series.
So Mark and the two kids started building on Sat, what fun!
I helped out on my return from a reading and breakfast meeting with ILANA STANGER-ROSS author of Simas undergarments for women. 
We were going pretty well until we seemed to run out of wood, and Mark decided to go pick up more...garden stakes? For esthetics he says- looks fun but not at all safe. 
Any how we left the work in progress, people are chuckling as they walk by. Ok it does not look typical, but its a 4 year olds dream- give him a break.