Friday, July 31, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Honey Bees

For fun- I will add this one of Mark and his dad, checking out the experiment!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Sea Stars thunders photos

Just after this Thunder took a photo of me and then slipped with the camera over his neck. He seemed okay, but the camera lens wouldnt work we did not have the camera for the fabulous beaches that followed...but in our minds eye we can see them. ( I hope)

Amazing Display...

It was so fun to look Everywhere and see the sea life.....

More at the galleries...

Some from Malasapina galleries

Rosebud rolling around at the Malasapina galleries.

I was HERE!

Thunders Discoveries...

he thought this looked like and Alien.
He found a DINOSAUR foot print in the rocks.

Look at my Dora Underwear!!!

What do you see?

Collective Art Piece!

Trip to Gabriola Island to visit Tracey, Billy, and Rosebud

We were lucky enough to get a visit in with Tracey and Billy before the summer zipped by. Gabriola Island was a treat, Tracey took us to a lot of Beaches with beautiful rock formations, shorelines and sea life to explore. I think Thunder and Ocean had a blast. They even looked at the recycle depots thrift shop and found some trinkets. Ocean LOVED spending time with their dog Rosebud. Thunder- who is usually apprehensive around dogs- seemed to really enjoy her company toward the end of the visit. I enjoyed watching this process. Thunder played his first full game of checkers with Tracey- who won! ( He tells me each time I recount the stories of his trip with him)

Marias eatery...

We had a nice meal at Marias. We just can not seem to stop returning with Aunt Laura to this establishment.

Glass Beach.

Thunder searching for Beach Glass.
Laura and Ocean chasing dogs on the shore...
Pretty Blues at the beach.We finally were able to get Aunt Laura to the glass beach in Sidney. We had tried before without success. It is one of Thunders fav. spots in Sidney. We have brought home so many pieces of beach glass that we dont know what to do with we choose a number at the beginning of the search to agree on before starting and only take that many.

Sidney Starbucks

Ocean Making faces- again!

Aunt Laura visited and on the way back to the ferry we took her to Sidney by The Sea- We took in some of the second hand thrift stores. Laura and Thunder found a large box of Hot Wheels and tracks which Laura bought for him.... Good idea to do it as she is leaving! So hard to figure out without the instructions..Ha Ha . Here we are cooling down at the local starbucks.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We separated on the walk back. First we followed the arrows in reverse, but Thunder wanted to go up a hill instead. Ocean wants to do everything her brother does. Grandma went the safer way, and then had to bush whack our way through to the other side in order to help Thunder and Ocean through to the park site.
They listened to Thunder tell them about the cave and the red stuff in it when he returned....
She was tired and waited with grandma at the top of the stairway.
He threw some rocks in the water, and then collected a special one to give to Ocean.
He was feeling Brave!
Thunder found the beach- and a Cave...
Grandma ,Thunder and OCean decided to go for a walk. They went through the tunnel path.
Thunder headed to the beach he remembered from a previous exploration walk, he left arrows in case Mark and Grandpa decided to follow us.


Went for a picnic in the beginning of July with Grandma and grandpa- Sax Point Park

Friday, July 10, 2009

odds and ends

faces and brocolli
dress up
The tree fort
The two of them switched hats and had a good laugh about it.