Saturday, August 14, 2010


We all had a great time camping this July. We camped at skutz falls and Gorden Bay on Cowichan Lake.

Older news- In May Ocean finished up her dance class. She had a blast.

Art Camp 2010

He was lucky enough to show up the first day and find he was in class with a friend from Kindergarten! Unplanned.

Dance Camp

Thunder had a great time at the Art camp he went to this week. He said it was the "Best Yet" - on the first day. What a nice time. He biked there every day and came home with 6 great artworks to put up on the toy room walls. Firday there was a small performance of what they classes had worked on through the week. Thunder giggled when re- telling how the music instructor said to the parents that the girls and BOY were going to sing a song.