Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mama poo...

Ocean is talking so much these days. It is proving quite entertaining, as well as the obvious- functional. She can tell us what happened when something is wrong. She will ask for what she would like for breakfast- coo- key. Yes Peas.
This weekend we went on a farm drive through Saanich to Deep Cove back through Sidney. In Deep Cove when we saw a mother horse with a baby horse we decided to show Ocean up close. We used to do that ALOT with Thunder, so out we get while Mark carried on a short way to the farm stand. Ocean and Thunder were delighted petting the little ones nose and mane. Attempting to give it grass and clover -both of which it showed no interest in. The mother horse was ignoring us- eating away and well, doing her business. When she headed back to the barn, the little one ran after her too. Ocean loved it.
Once back in the car Ocean kept repeating mama poo. Mark, Thunder and I would giggle, because it was pretty outlandish- I didnt even have gas! Mark asked her- Oh does mom have to go to the washroom? No Ocean says. She continues, mama horse big poo.
Of all the things she could share with her dad about the horse viewing?
Oh and on the map, Mark went to# 19.

Monday, August 3, 2009

A worthwhile long scenic drive....takes us to

Lizzard Lake! Seriously- there are little lizzards in it that pop up for air. ( swim up ) Ckildren everywhere at the lake catching them and putting them in buckets. Too fun. We caught a few. Thunder and OCean loved handling them and putting them in the water. We were glad that Ocean fell asleep on the drive as it prompted mark to continue driving to see how far we would get- LIZZARD LAKE! Too busy having fun to photograph with the cell phone camera. Another time?