Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tag You Are It.

Heres Ocean in a familiar look these days- ,

Monday, June 29, 2009

Fathers day 2009

We biked for 12 kms on fathers day along the lochside-galloping goose trails. Nice long ride, before heading over to grandmas and grandpas for dinner. Here are some of the photos. Ocean is sleeping on the park grass, the two adults? with thier tongues out, and Thunder and OCean on a bench having a laugh.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Yes one more thing about that last day of Preschool....Thunder is seen here receiving an award from ECE Jill( N.S. connections here...) Each student left with a poster of their photos, work stories etc...and an award suited to each individual. Thunder looks uncomfortable here waiting to hear what it will be- THE SHOW AND TELL AWARD. Jill went on to talk about how every day, I mean EVERY day when Thunder would arrive he would have something he has brought for show and tell. Surprisingly there was only two of his items in the lost and found at the end of the year. ( dino cards and a transformer type figure) Maybe I will collect the various photos I took of circle time and post them to show all of his treasures in his hands. The bottom photo is a bunch of the kids looking a book after the last day.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Look closely and you can see the Rainbow we followed home from the picnic. Great things must be to come after preschool!

Preschool Picnic evening

Ocean was delighted when her friends Cat wanted to come to the picnic with us. When she walked outside she was saying Table TABLE TABLE- We noticed what she meant when we looked up and saw her with the cat on our cart. Thunder is seen here jumping from high places... and then Ocean is in the sandbox with her friend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Fire Hall Field Trip Ocean stays at Grandma and Grandpas

The class seemed to have a great time at the Fire Hall, and then at Stadacona Park. As our class group was leaving we watched as the trucks answered a call, sirens and all headed downtown.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun Day at Preschool

Which really translates to- free range of sugary sweets in the guise of crafts and games day!
Fishing pond for popcorn, decorate your own cookie table as well as cupcake walk game were hits!

Here's Ocean in that window -sibling day

spying on friends

I was inside a play house structure- peering out through a little window with my camera- when Thunder discovered what I was doing. The subsequent photos are of the boys bounding up and reaching in trying to take the camera.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Thunders run at preschool is almost up- only a fun day, firehall field trip and three more classes. What a run it has been. He has soared at making friends. His first year we would have so much art coming home on a regular basis- huge paper paintings, papers with cuts practiced on them, tons on gluey blotches and more. This year we received a few- really fun pieces he used a pipette with. More and more this year was devoted to the friendship making and the " good guy vs bad game" ( insert super hero of the day). yesterday was sibling day, the two of them had fun- Thunder off with a best friend, and OCean with me and all the stuff. It seemed that the preschoolers who had younger siblings wanted to carry on with thier own ideas of what the day should look like, where as the ones who were the younger sibling and who had brought their big brother or sister wanted to stick by them and show them around. I was thinking ahead to Oceans potential experience bringing Thunder to sibling day and how different it might be?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aunt Laura...?

wednesday am before preschool- our breakfast music ismy sisters creation Monsieur Poitous. I wonder if she knows that I have an original cassette tape of this creation? Or had- did I already pass it back to her?
Thunder is saying about the music- Aunt Laura is SURE funny. that really sounds like Laura. HOPEFULLLY IF SHE READS THIS ENTRY SHE WILL BE ABLE TO HELP ME LINK IT TO THIS SITE? OR SEND IT HERE- IT IS GREAT.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Stranger Kindness

After running an errand at a local drug store the other evening, Thunder asked to have a loonie for this ride. Next thing Thunder knows, a stranger passing by handed him a looney and said "Here you go bud!" Thunder exclaimed THANKS and hopped on the clown fish. Ocean on the other hand, FUSSED WHEN I TRIED TO PLACE HER ON THE SEAHORSE, which was closest. All the while saying tutel tudel. TUDEL? Oh- TURTLE. She wanted to ride on TURTLE...You cant imagine her delight when we figured that out.

a funny story


Although many of the details of the mission were announced prior to embarkation, much of the relevant material could not be disclosed until we were well underway. It was noted that there may be a radio crew attending our destination. I knew we had reached the correct address by the television cameras and news hosts visible from the far end of the street.