Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Wittys Lagoon.

Playing on the shore line...

Wittys Lagoon is one of my all time favorite places to spend a day. When you park at the Nature House, and take the trail down to the beach- it is ever changing. This last time while we passed the Sitting Lady Falls waterfall, the kids were less interested than other times. But thats ok, off we headed and found so many slugs. Slugs Slugs Slugs, wrapped around leaves, hiding under leaves, even ( slowly) making their way accross the footpaths. Then I was surprised at how MANY apple trees loaded with apples there were closer to the beach. Tastey too. We all enjoyed them. Of course the blackberries were plentiful along the path. Ocean and I separated from Mark and Thunder as she was too interested in watching the snail cross. The boys had made the way to the beach and found crabs already by the time we connected again. THe kids left after much sandy play and then it was off to catch grasshoppers in the tall grasses before heading up the path again. Lots of fun and LEARNING along the way.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wittys Lagoon

The boys shoes...shore walking, the family.

Mark and thunder and Ocean and samantha had a great time finding crabs at wittys lagoon. And they had lots of fun. ( dictated from Thunder )

Friday, September 4, 2009

summer left overs

Girls own lunch party. While the big brothers went to the Bug Zoo the girls had a blast playing...

Lots of visitors...

Aunt Mary visited last.

Summer left overs.

Well he did it- learned how to ride a bike this summer thanks to peddalheads (camp). We were looking at this again the other night when I caught Mark giggling. Whatso funny? Mark pointed out, look at his super cool bad@#$ shirt. Now look at the bike. Some day he will laugh too.
This shirt by the way was the full on choice of his own. This was the day I realized even if i wanted to, I could no longer just pick his clothes for him. ( Although 99 % of his full near five years of wardrobe has come from my parents via frenchies! Thank you Hatfields) We were at a shop and I found what I thought was a great shirt for him. Save the strings prgram fundraising shirt from a few years back. Jimmy Wrights Polar Bear image on a brightly colored cloth. Thunder looked at it. Hmmm, mom- I want to see that one? Which one? Yeah that one, with the flames on it. Thats cool. There is also some sort of space traveler on the front. He does love it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Happy Birthday Love Filed Fridge.

Here one moment

gone the next...


Ocean waited overnight and all day for the cupcakes she watched Thunder and I make the night before.

Pink Pink PInk....

Birthday Cupcakes with Pink Icing and Candles.


Friend Simone. Ocean has been slowly learning how to say her name, for a long time it was Moan.

Lucky for Thunder...

Lucky for Thunder, Oceans friends all have older brothers- his best friends!
So it was a doubly exciting party for the children here.

Also missing from photos are Dylan and Mae, Logan and Gia, Nadia and Carrie-Anne and Mary. Katie seemed to keep herself out the photos too...

Some Lunch.

Some lunch, after a loooong wait the pizza arrived.

Fun times with Friends

Here are some shots, you've got to love young birthday parties- no planning, impromptu story telling, gifts when you arrive! Good times.

She's Two!

This morning on her birthday, she's 2!! I let her open some markers for her birthday before everyone arrived. Thought I would occupy her a little so that I could finish tidying. Once I was in the washroom, she decided to move on to demonstrate her interest in art...Here is an image of her proud drawing - ON THE WALL! Argh, i was happy to not lose it first thing in the am and manages to pull off an ITS BEAUTIFUL. I think I even surprised Thunder, because then I saw she had marked all over her brother- while sleeping too. Look out future sororities/ residence prankster in the making.