Saturday, May 30, 2009



the walk home...

Ecole Margaret Jenkins School Spring Carnival

Thunder has been ill for over a week, so it was great to get out Friday evening and attend the CARNIVAL hosted by the school he will be attending Kindergarten at next year.
Above are photos at the bouncy castle- which I am glad to say he did not get ill in.
there were also pony rides, but Thunder chose instead to wait in the line up for these bouncing opportunities- OVER and OVER.
He picked up some 25 cent books at the sale table- spider man and a space one. He also helped himself to a cupcake. ( He was not aware that it was a game- for a cupcake walk.) No one minded . I think we all left still very happy with our decision to enroll him at this school.
Luckily, Logan has a younger sister just like Thunder. She seemed to love watching the seals too. Ocean was sleeping in Marks arms at the table. Perhaps next time.


Waiting for our orders- the two boys decided they wanted to feed the seals. 

Logan and Thunder

THUNDER RECENTLY WENT TO THE LOCAL PLAYGROUND AND RAN INTO BATMAN. Turned out to be his new friend- Logan in diguise. They had a great time and arranged to see each other again soon, last weekend Logan family invited us to join along on a lunch trip to Barns Fish and Chips at Fishermans wharf. ( In image above with blue roof.) Here are the two boys playing with a hat.


We were out walking after checking on grandparents house and their bees, Thunder and Ocean were in a wagon at the time. Suddenly Thunder was adamant he get out and show us what he found... This snail! What an observation.

Misc ocean

Heres Ocean having lots of fun,
She definately loves to stretch tumble jump and climb- Here Mark is indulging that.
Also the other photo with Mark is taken by Logan ( Thunders friend) at barbs fish and chips.

Ocean found Marks glasses and was having a good time trying them on. 

Finally- Ocean had had a popsicle and her hands were STICKY- note placement of hands. Yeuck!

Friday, May 22, 2009

By the way we did go to the Vancouver Aquarium...

Clowning around

Ferry ride home

heading home

from Thunders view

photos by thunder

Red Robin for dinner

Heading to dinner after checking out Toyr r Us for planet heroes ( which we were told are now discontinued!!!)
There are funny things happening in these pictures, roaring , crazy eyes, and punching out?

Playing at the play structure after drying off. Stanley Park. Running/ Rolling down the hill dodging goose poo.

The beginning of trip to Vancouver visit with Aunt Laura

At the Stanley Park Water Playground

On the Ferry